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W.O.W! Legging


W.O.W! Leggings

This legging will provide a lifting effect for your butt so not only will you feel great while achieving your fitness goal but will look amazing while doing it

88% poly – 12% spandex

vinyl inlay

W.O.W Caribbean turquoise blue leggings are made with a high functioning, superior soft, breathable fabric. Minus’s sweat producing technology around the waist will provide you with a soft compression that will help flatten your tummy also providing that smooth look that other leggings don’t. Look amazing while you are working on your fitness goal.

-Superior tummy flattening technology

-Unique stitching around your booty that provides a lifting effect

-High Quality Fabric

-shapes your legs

Minus has partnered up with the charity Women of the Wells. 10 percent of this special legging will go help fund a village. I love drinking my water while working out… These women have to walk miles to provide water for their families. I know we can get at least one well built

Women of the wells build bore wells in foreign countries using indigenous well builders. Operation Blessing acts as our agent without compensation and oversees the drilling process. Once the most advantageous location in a village is determined, we drill until fresh uncontaminated water is located. Then we continue to drill deeper to assure the fresh water supply will be maintained all year. Drilling can be anywhere from 60 to 360 feet down. The well is capped and a hand pump is installed. Operation Blessing also provides lessons in hygiene. At this time we are building wells in 11 countries and cisterns in China.

Construction Costs
$1,800 for a well
$1,800 for four cisterns
$450 for one cistern
(Donations received in various incremental amounts are combined to build wells.)

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Product Description

Minus is unique, it’s first of its kind to combine the performance of a non breathable inner lining around the waist and stomach while providing comfort throughout the whole body of the garment. Sweat production helps with the removal of fat and toxins from your body. Extra heat allows for extra calories to be burned thus making them a stylish and effective performance legging.

This Caribbean turquoise legging is like wearing a cloud. High function fabric with breathable, superior comfort. Vinyl inlay around your waist will provide a gentle, moveable and most importantly comfortable way of helping you to sweat thus helping the body to rid it of bloat and toxins. No need for uncomfortable sweatbands or sweat producing creams or waist trainers.

W.O.W! Leggings

Extra Small: 24 inches on waist

Small: 26 inches on waist

Medium: 28 inches on waist

Large: 30 inches on waist

The length of our Leggings will depend on your own body.  For most women, these will go just above the ankle . Note: waist starts at the belly button

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